Tyla J. Pallas – Another Day Abandoned In Pursuit Of Pleasure – CD/DVD


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This double disc set features the new recording as well as a DVD featuring videos for the new songs and a mass of extras.

CD Track listing:

1. Tranquilize; Charmed (El)
2. Hells Gallows
3. In Gods Prison (El)
4. When She Falls
5. Top of the World (El)
6. Which Way The Wind Blows
7. Ballad of Venus (El)
8. Last of the Ladykilers (El)
9. Wantcha Back
10. Time (El)
11. Aleluyah
12. Tranquilize (Ac)
13. Hells Gallows (Ac)

DVD Track listing:

1. Hells Gallows
2. Ladykillers
3. Which Way The Wind Blows
4. Charmed


Guitar Man Animation 1
Guitar Man Animation 2
Triple Ad – Test
Final Triple Ad

Total DVD running time with Videos and Extras is 31 min 13 seconds – All region DVD5.