The Dogs D’Amour – 40 Dynamite Years Vol. I – CD




New compilation featuring Tyla’s favourite Dogs tracks from the last 40 years!

01. Unconscious Boy (State MMXIV)
02. I think It’s Love Again (Graveyard MMXIX)
03. Victims of Success (Straight Up)
04. Kiss My Heart Goodbye (Straight Up 2020)
05. Heroine (Straight Up 2020)
06. English Outlaw – (Graveyard MMXIX)
07. Supreme Creator (Bloody Hell Fire)
08. 111 (Vino)
09. Black Confetti (In Vino)
10. Bottle Of Red (In Vino)
11. Two Tales (I Don’t Love Anyone EP)
12. Stole My Love Away (Powder Dry EP)
13. (Everybody Needs) A Friend (Jack O Byte Blues)
14. I’ll Keep My Powder Dry (Powder Dry EP)
15. Journey To The Centre Of The Soul (Tree Bridge Cross)
16. Buried Alive (Tree Bridge Cross)
17. Never Give Up (Unleashed)