Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘The Powder Dry’ EP – Ltd. Ed. CD


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Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour – ‘The Powder Dry’ EP – Ltd. Ed. CD

Signed/numbered in card sleeve.

“I like a good story… so here’s one from me. I wrote ‘Stole My Love Away’ way back in December 2019, when a dear Scottish lad from the Kingdom of Fife by the name of Ian Wallace suddenly passed, he was just 50 years of age, then all of us got ill, but we didnt die, then this year 2020 millions got ill and lots have sadly died… including my friend Dave Kusworth… thus stealing lots of loved ones away..Is there a God? Is there a Devil? Is there Fuck? Then last week 4th Nov something got my back up, but as suggested by my good friend GB ‘I Kept My Powder Dry’ I wrote ‘Powder Dry’ that night, by that following weekend and lots of work we have what you have here, Something very special in these ‘Strange Times’ all to be revealed next year on ‘Treebridge Cross’ and so Ladies n Gents… until then… Cheers T. xx”

Track list:

1. I’ll Keep My Powder Dry
2. Stole My Love Away
3. Mad Bad Jack (Tyla live in Tokyo ,nb, this version is not on Tokyo CD)
4. I’ll Keep My Powder Dry (acoustic)
5. Things He’d Do (from Seems like Yesterday)
6. Brandy More Brandy (spoken word from Dead Men sing no Tales)