Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour feat. Spike – The Ox & Horse – 2CD/DVD


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As part of the celebrations for Tyla’s 60th and his birth year being that of the Ox (yep… Spike is the Horse), we have this 3 disc set from Tyla’s Birthday weekend 2019. Live recordings from Bannermans, Edinburgh and 10 Bar, Forfar with plenty of other nonsense in between, featuring our dear friend Spike.

CD 1

I Think It’s Love Again
“Don’t Tell Spike I Said This”
I Don’t Love Anyone (More Than I Love You)
Bullet Proof Poet
“Ideas In The Night”
Fuck Off Devil
Billy 2 Rivers
“Writing In The Bath”
Satellite Kid
Errol Flynn
“Has Anybody Actually Seen Spike?”
“I Will Never Forget Phil Collins”
Lost In A Crowd Of One
“Who Was In The Bath?”

CD 2

Villains Price
“I’m Just Trying To Win A Bet”
Maybe Tomorrow
“Did You Know That Tyla’s A Vampire?”
Cost Of Loving
“I’m Moving To Edinburgh”
Darlings Of The Night
“How Many Chords Was That Song?”
Seven O’ Clock
How Come It Never Rains
“Raise A Glass To Frankie Miller”

DVD – “Spike & Tyla’s Home Videos”

This is an 1hr 12 of candid footage, which includes a personal recording of Spike & Tyla rehearsing, sound check from Bannermans for the birthday bash (approx 5 mins) and the rest is a personal recording of highlights from the Forfar gig the night after the Birthday Bash.