Tyla J. Pallas – Live in Tokyo 2020 – CD/DVD


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Tyla J. Pallas – Live in Tokyo 2020 – CD/DVD

Filmed and recorded in Tokyo over 3 nights in March 2020.


State I’m In (with titles and intro)
Comfort of the Devil
Billy 2 Rivers
Kid From Kensington (soundcheck)
Scared of Dyin’
Last Bandit (soundcheck)
Johnny Silvers
All You Had (soundcheck)
Dynamite Jet Saloon
Mad Bad Jack (with credits)


Errol Flynn
Last Bandit
Johnny Silvers
I think it’s Love again
Drunk Like me
Ballad of Jack
I don’t want you to go
How Come It never rains
I don’t love anyone
What you do
Satellite Kid

Signed and numbered by Tyla

This edition is different from the KO/Cargo edition by way of packaging which will be in a jewel case and not numbered or signed.