Tyla J. Pallas – A Treasury of The King Outlaw – 5CD/DVD


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Brilliant 5 CD and 1 DVD box set from The Dogs D’amour mainman, Tyla. Features discs for Rockers and Rollers, Ballads, Acoustic and Blues tracks (from the mail order or digital only Chard Urton releases) as well as a spoken word disc and a DVD featuring never before seen clips, rehearsals and tracks plus footage from shows supporting Alice Cooper and much more. Great price for a treasure chest of classic Tyla recordings with a lavish 32 page booklet.

Disc 1: Rockers & Rollers – Rails; 111; Never Gonna Change; All Of Them Great ; Story Of Our Life; Supreme Creator; Last Of the Ladykillers; All You Had; Never Give Up; Mad Bad Jack; All Alone (Without Me And You); Untouchable; Black Confetti (Electric)

Disc 2: The Balladmonger – Which Way The Wind Blows; Time (Electric); When She Falls; Lament Of Night; Love Is; The Battle Of Archie Leach; Bess; Key Of Heartache; Error Of My Ways; Even Angels Have Bad Days; Bloody Mary; Ode To Jackie Leven

Disc 3: Acoustikos Solus – Woolworth Girl; The Wicked One; In Dreams; Troubadour Of Truth; Damnation; Tale Of The Fortune Tellers Wife; Legend of the Thief; Hate Pain; Beautiful; Money Is Their God; Don’t Lock Me Out (Of Your Heart Again)

Disc 4: Skeleton Blues – Hey Cortez; Staring at the Midnight Sun; In The Name; Real Magique; It Ain’t Over Yet; Gentlefolk Of The Underworld; Beau Brutal; Break The Spell; The Meaning Of Fortune And Fame; Little Thing; House of Blues

Disc 5: Monotone Monologues – Ali’s Biggest Fan; Do You Know Who I Am; Acid; Mushrooms; Deal A Day; Alice And Salvador; Strangla; Dancin’ Prawns; Vegetarian Option; Anniversary Pasta; Bacon And Sausage In A Suitcase; Side Of Teeth; Use Your Imagination Salad; A Cleggy; Beef In Cap; All The Tea In China; Snails, Pizza And Luther Vandross; Veggie Biriyani; Radioactive Snowman; Italian Waiter; Tuna And Gravy

Disc 6. Celluloid Skullduggery – DVD – From State We’re In: Wired And Wide Awake; Heroine; Curse Of The Dole Hero (Acoustic) – From Another Day: Which Way The Wind Blows; When She Falls; Lady Killers – From Tales From The Tavern: Bess; Love Is; Archie Leach; Lady Killers; All You Had (Acoustic rehearsal) – From Once Upon A Time In Dreams (Previously unreleased) In Dreams; Studio / Live; Once Upon A Time; 111; Restless – Previously Unreleased: How Come It Never Rains (Acoustic); Mad Bad Jack (Acoustic); When She Falls (Acoustic) Plus More!